White & Teal Moon Jar


Smoke-on-glaze Moon Jar

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I applied the glaze to this Moon Jar using a sponge and a pastry brush!  So there are holes on the glaze coverage from the natural sponge and brush marks from the pastry brush.  All brought into incredible contrast with the smoke black tones, which gives the glaze colour the appearance it’s floating off the surface of the Moon Jar.  A fantastic piece of unique ceramic art which wold suit a contemporary style home.

I made the Moon Jar using coils of white earthenware clay placed into a mould to give shape and support as the clay dried.  It was then fired and then glazed using a white glaze inside the jar and then a white crackle glaze on the outside.  I then added a oriental blue glaze over the white crackle. The Moon Jar was then fired to 1040 degrees C, and after then it was smoke fired in my smoke bin in the garden.  I smoke fired this Moon Jar twice as I thought the first firing had left the surface a little on the pale side.

Approx dimensions  17cm ht x 14.5cm dia

Please not the Moon Jar is not suitable for use with fluids

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