Blue Carbonised Moon Jar


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The Moon Jar has stunning turquoise and white glazes on a carbonised black surface.  Crackles in the surface of the Jar have been filled and highlighted using the kintsukuroi method.  This technique hales from Japan and is used to repair and enhance pottery.

Raku fired pottery originated in Japan.  As a method of glazing a pot it really comes into the category of Performance Art – the pot is heated to approx 1000 degrees and then removed from the kiln. You’re wearing full blacksmith kit here – leather gauntlets, leather apron, face mask,  googles and using long tongs. From the kiln, it’s placed on sawdust which promptly busts into flames.  The pot is then covered in more sawdust and covered with a metal bucket. It’s then left for a while and then removed, carefully and the sawdust washed off, revealing the metallic glaze effects.  Real showman-ship!

The Moon Jar is approx 13cm H x 13cm dia.

Please note raku fired pottery is not waterproof


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