Cherry Blossom Moon Jar


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Imagine you’re looking up through the branches of a cherry tree in full blossom.  You would see the leaves, the blossoms and the sky above you.  You would feel the breeze on your skin and hear the birds singing.  You might catch a whiff of vegetal growth.  And if you have time, you might imagine the taste of fresh ripe cherries.  These are the feelings I’m trying to evoke in this series of Moon Jars.   In my pottery shed I look out towards a garden border with the most beautiful dark pink cherry tree.  The blossom only lasts a few days, but it is a sight to behold.  I hope this series brings the image of a cherry tree in full blossom for you, reminding you of spring.


This Moon Jar is another in my series of Cherry Blossom Moon Jars

Handbuilt using coils of white earthenware clay, standing approx 17cm by 16cm.  The Moon Jar is glazed using white, oriental blue, emerald green and ‘priddy pink’ glazes using a sponge and leaving some areas clear of glaze.  Following glaze firing the Moon Jar has been smoke fired to give lovely dark matt smoke tones to the areas of naked clay and enhance the crackle in the glazes.  Please not the Jar is not fully waterproof as it’s only fired to earthenware temperatures.

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