Harlequin Raku Pear


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I’ve called this Pear ‘Harlequin’ as there are so many colours – turquoise, white, green, purple, and copper.  There’s a different feel about the pear from every different angle.  A real stunning piece of ceramic.

The Pear is handmade using pinch pots, using White St Thomas clay and then raku-fired.

Raku is the most amazing process.  After the application of glaze the pot is placed in a gas fired kiln and fired until it’s 900-1000 degrees.  It’s then removed and plunged into a bin of sawdust which bursts into flames.  A lid is then slapped on and the pot is left for a while.  The flame uses up the oxygen in the bin, which effects what happens to the glaze as it cools. The lack of oxygen causes the metals within the glazes to form on the pot’s surface, hence the shiny copper effects on this pot.

Size (approx):  ht 12cm  & width  8cm

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Dimensions 9 × 12 cm


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