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I’m always fascinated to learn how a technique was first developed.  Some techniques are obvious, like smoke firing, others not so much.  And Obvara is a wonderful example of this.  When someone first told me about this technique, I thought they were pulling my leg as it’s so bizarre.    But this is absolutely true and this little pot is the evidence.

The technique is also called ‘baltic raku’ and indeed it starts off as a raku process.  The unglazed pot is fired in a gas kiln and removed at about 950OC and then it gets interesting…The pot is plunged into a vat of what can only be called batter mix.  Yes – that’s right batter mix – flour, yeast, sugar and water.  You have to ask the question – what was the potter who first tried this thinking, it’s such a strange thing to do.  But that potter was certainly on to something.

The results for this small Moon Jar are a beautifully speckled surface, reminiscent of a thrush’s plumage.  It has a slightly roughened texture.  The Moon Jar is handbuilt from smooth white earthenware and has been coated with several layers of terra sigillata to give a beautifully smoothed surface which is very absorbent to smoke.  The Moon Jar is not suitable for use with fluids.

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