Splash Moon Jar


Smoke-on-glaze Moon Jar

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It’s fascinating what happens to a glaze in the kiln as it fires – the glaze becomes molten and moves like honey over the surface of the pot.  Some glazes move more than others.  I applied the glaze, white and oriental blue, using a sponge and a brush respectively and it appears the blue glaze has splashed across the surface, giving a wonderful sense of movement , as if the moon Jar was spinning and the glaze has whipped around the pot.

Made from coils of white earthenware clay, lain in a mould, the Moon Jar was first bisque fired and then glazed.  This glaze firing temperature was 1040 degrees C, so the Moon Jar is not suitable for use with liquids.

Stands approx 17cm ht and 14.5cm dia

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