My work is individually made, mostly using handbuilding techniques. The firing methods I use owe much to the vaguaries of the wind and mineral content of banana peel.  Consequently no two pieces are the same.  They are all unique.  I cannot replicate any one piece, nor do I want to. 

All the prices quoted are inclusive of p&p for the UK mainland. I am very happy to ship worldwide – please contact me at for a shipping quote.

Pink Moon Jar

The colouring of this Moon Jar is so soft, a beautiful statement piece of pottery. The colour and surface effects were achieved by low temperature gas firing. The Moon Jar stands 24cm tall and 23cm wide. It’s made from white earthenware so is not waterproof.


Barrel Smoke fired Moon jar

The smoke from the organic combustibles have left their mark subtly on the surface of this Moon jar - soft greys and peaches. The surface has been sealed with an acrylic matt sealant. Made from burnished white earthenware, the Moon Jar is approx 13cm dia, and has a rounded base which finds its own level. It comes supplied with a small handmade ceramic base for additional steadiness. The opening is small and rough finished. The Jar is not glazed internally and it therefore not waterproof.


Moon Jar – partially glazed & smoke fired

This is one of my classic Moon Jars. Partially glazed with a white tin glaze and a Persian Blue crackle glaze, the Moon Jar has then been smoke fired accentuating the glazes and giving the naked clay grey tones. Handbuilt from white earthenware and is 13cm tall and 13cm wide, the Moon Jar has a round base and finds it’s own level when standing. This can be disconcerting for some, so I also provide a ceramic pillow for the Moon Jar to stand on. The opening is small and the method of opening creates a random edge. Please note the Moon Jar is made from earthenware clay and is not glazed inside because of the small opening, therefore the Jar is not waterproof.


Large Pink Blush Pear Shaped vessel

This is a “Wow” piece if ever there was one. It’s a shape that just yearns to be touched. The surface is smooth from the terra sigillata and coloured using ferric oxide, lots of organic combustibles (I just love that word) and smoke. Handbuilt from white earthenware clay, it stands approx 30cm tall and 22cm diameter at it widest point.


Water Pail in Blood Red glaze

Unusually for me this Pail is thrown – it was a challenge by a class of mine to see whether it was quicker to throw or handbuild. All told – it’s about the same amount of time! Made from earthstone clay and fired to stoneware the Pail is waterproof, and has an attached wooden handle, found on one of my walks Stands approx 30cm tall including the handle. The Pail itself is 11cm diameter, with the handle span of 28cm


“Torn” Red Moon Jar

This Moon Jar is an evolution of my standard Moon Jars: the clay has been torn from the opening down the wall of the Jar, exposing the interior, giving me another surface to play with. The Moon Jar stands approx 24cm in height, is glazed with a stunning red glaze externally and a mirror black glaze internally. It's made from a white earthenware clay and so is not completely waterproof.


Moon Jar – naked raku

The Moon Jar is handbuilt, coated in terra sigillata, and then fired using the ‘naked raku’ technique. 24cm diameter please note – the Moon Jar is not glazed and therefore is not waterproof.


Pear shaped Bottle

The smoke and organic combustibles did a good job for me the day this bottle was fired! Gorgeous mottling of peach, purple, blue and red on the smooth terra sig. coated surface. The pear is made from a white earthenware clay and as it’s not glazed, it’s not waterproof. Standing about 14cm tall and 10cm in diameter, the pear shape just calls out to be touched.


Turquoise & Cobalt Blue spritzed Glaze Bottle

A small bottle handbuild from white earthenware. The turquoise glaze was applied first and then spritzed with Cobalt oxide, giving a random effect. This little bottle stands approx 10cm tall and 7cm dia Please note the neck is very narrow and consequently the inside of the bottle has not been glazed. The bottle is not fully waterproof.


Rainbow – tiny

Bring some rainbow energy into your world with this cute tiny rainbow. Standing approx 4cm H by 6cm L the rainbow is made of white earthenware clay and then painted with underglazes before being glazed with a shiny transparent glaze.


Rainbow – medium

Rainbow energy in your home. This medium rainbow will give you a lift each time you look at it. The medium Rainbow is pictured on the left. Approx 7cm H. Made from white earthenware clay, painted with underglazes and glazed with a shiny transparent glaze.


Moon Jar

One of my classic Moon Jars, partially glazed with turquoise, white & green glazes, and then smoke fired. Handbuilt from white earthenware and standing 13cm dia. The base is rounded and finds it's own level; Moon Jar is supplied with a ceramic base for added safety. The Moon Jar is glazed internally however it is not recommended for use with water.


Tectonic Plate Moon Jar

Made in a different way to my usual method and I'm super pleased with the result: flattened pieces of clay lain overlapping in the moulds. I've then applied a blue glaze into the cracks & fissures, before wiping back and applying a lovely smooth vellum glaze to the whole Moon Jar. Stands 14cm ht & 13cm dia. White St Thomas stoneware so Moon Jar is warterproof.


Turquoise Water Pail

This glaze is a gorgeous Turquoise Matt which leaves tasty 'toasting' lines at edges. The clay has been textured using a piece of tatting, a type of lace. The Water Pail is finished off with a piece of drift wood for a handle. All in all the Pail stands 22cm tall, 26cmcm including the handle. Made with white St Thomas clay and therefore waterproof.



This adorable teapot had a starring role in a series of videos, where I demonstrated how I made my teapots. The glaze is full of movement & life. The Teapot is small (14cm x 13cm) so just right for a single cuppa. Handbuilt using white St Thomas clay the teapot is fully waterproof.


Green Basin

Make it Big. Make it Bold. Make it Beautiful they said - so I did! This is the 2nd biggest thing I have ever made in clay - the basin is 48 cm dia and 18 cm ht. I made it by draping clay over a gym ball - epic! The glaze is a gorgeous green. made from white earthenware, the basin isn't waterproof and not dishwasher proof - although I think you would be hard pressed to find a dishwasher big enough! I had to borrow space in another kiln to fire it!


“Torn” Moon jar in Matt Turquoise & Vellum glazes

This Moon Jar will make an impression on any shelf. The turquoise matt glaze is a big favourite of mine - absolutely beautiful. The Moon Jar has been torn open from the rim to reveal more of the interior, which is glazed in Vellum. It stands 24cm tall and 23cm dia. The Moon Jar is waterproof.


Unwound Pear

I practise Chen style T'ai Chi which is all about spirals, so it was only a matter of time before I explored spirals in my pottery. So I present the Unwound Pear - it was made whole and then a spiral cut made and the pear pulled upwards. Interestingly the glazing went a little awry; this particular turquoise glaze is rather runny and it has dripped off the pear onto the tiles on which the Pear was fired. And I love it. maybe you do as well?